Published on 23 May 2024 at 20:18

Hi, My name is Cherie 💛

In my mind I guess grabbed your hand because it was the closest in that moment to touching your heart.

As I stood before you free of any thought. In the rarest form of ME that I had ever allowed myself to be.

Yielded to whatever this feeling was or whatever was drawing me into you.

Perfect Strangers, unattached yet connected.

I surrendered that night to this lost piece of becoming myself.

Surrendered to both my convictions and my desire.

Surrendered to the lesson and the reward.

Surrendered to my flesh and discernment of my heart.

Surrendered, I surrendered to the very thought of letting go.

That night I laid down with my peace, a  comforting solace mixed with the sweetest affection.  My soul quietly introduced itself to you. 💋

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