The Lost Conversation was birthed from a unique irritation (as Dharius Daniels would call it). How many of us have gone through moments of growth brought on by grief or heartbreaks or just a series of decisions made during highly emotional periods of our lives that you felt could have or may have gone differently, if the conversations you were having with the people you love and who were serving as your support group would have told you the TRUTH!
The truth about the process, pain, and practical steps that would help you with that particular journey.
I pray this blog serves as a safe space for conversations about topics from Parenting to Love and Friendships, Professional networking to healthy living that blesses you.
The Lost Conversation is a form of healing as well... as I endeavor to use my vulnerability to take the sting out of whatever the enemy might be using in the battle of your mind. We are on this journey of wholeness together.

This blog is dedicated to Melanie Nicole Daniels- I love you

I'm Back !!!

I haven’t written for my blog in a really long time, some of the reasons are because life is and has done what it does best and Life’ d.

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It's Bigger than that!

Creating a place to speak about things in my heart was a bold step for me for so many reasons. Little did I know that once I hit post that I would have a wave of emotions that would cripple me in a space of fear.  The crazy thing about fear is I often forget that it’s not a feeling the feeling is a bi product of something greater.

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