Vulnerability pt.1

Published on 2 May 2023 at 12:52

It's a gamble, a risk and it takes courage 

Love requires vulnerability.

When you choose to love you choose to be vulnerable & when you choose to be vulnerable you are choosing to love.

What we don’t talk about is when you choose the pleasure of love you also choose the possibility of pain. Because the pleasure of love requires vulnerability. – Dharius Daniels

Vulnerability is a gift!! So, when you have a vulnerable moment by any form of communication (verbally or by text) with someone two things are happening.

1 person is giving & 1 person is receiving.

Giving requires courage, and that person is taking a chance on you.

Receiving requires maturity, and the ability to be responsible with that gift by treating it with value.

Don’t mishandle someone’s vulnerability, because you may not understand what it took to give & vice versa… & to the giver, know your audience because it takes an emotionally mature person to value what you are willing to give.

Let’s make LOVE a safe place for all forms of relationships

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