“Abba Father”

Published on 29 September 2023 at 13:25

Abba Father” - translated “Papa” or “Daddy,” opens the possibility of undreamed-of, unheard-of intimacy with God. 

Driving home from basketball practice, my daughter began to have a break down about how she felt disconnected from her teammates, and she became emotional describing to her father on the phone how she felt. She has missed some games and she stated that it felt like that they had forgotten all about her. She went on to describe how the chemistry felt off during practice and she just did not understand why she was feeling this way. (all emotion)

Her dad began to tell her... these games do not count yet and that she would be ok. He went on to tell her that he knew what he was doing and by the time the season was here she was going to be better than she is now. He said some other things as well, but it was two things that he told her that highlighted in my spirit. He said “Are they running new plays? Like plays you don’t know?” She said “No”

The second question he asked her was “Do you trust me?”  and at that moment, she was completely silent. He asked her again and she said “Yes” I do. & her head dropped (Bigger Plan)

I had a revelation in that very moment that went like this….

Now the information you don’t know is prior to her getting in the car from practice, I too had a similar moment with God. The truth is that I was processing a situation that was happening that I didn’t have the best understanding about. I wasn’t upset for my lack of understanding because in this season of my life I have learned to wholeheartedly trust God. However, I was venting to my father about a particular conversation that transpired that left my feelings hurt. The issue was small, and I mean really small and if I told you the exact issue you would probably be like “Girl!!!!!!” but it was important to me, and I wanted to tell someone that wouldn’t judge me but would just listen and let me get it out. (All emotion…)

So, I told my daddy!!! (Abba Father)

I don’t want the issue that I was upset about to overshadow the deeper narrative.  In that moment I was learning to be intimate with my daddy, like to be really stripped down with the lover of my soul, the one who created me, about all the complexities that he so beautifully woven to become “Cherie.”   I was super emotional about why I was wired a certain way and how I just wanted to please him, and I too heard my father say, “Do you trust me?” and just as my daughter did, I dropped my head and said “Yes, I do.”


The Lost Conversation: In this journey to be more intimate with God and even just challenging my ability to treat him like my Father as well as my Friend & Judge, I’m learning to find him in every part of my life. Learning to tell him everything before I tell anyone else, and to trust him like I trust my natural father. I trust my natural father so much because he has been a reliable source of truth in my life. So much so that I never created a posture in my heart to even consider God as my father to have these vulnerable moments with him. Somehow, I missed this connection with my Abba Father because I felt like I didn’t need another dad… I had one already. CRAZY I know!

 I'm not sure if we talk enough about the need to have a father connection with God, or the fact that there can be a deficit on either side of a scenario be it that you had a father or you experienced being fatherless. A person that never experienced their father can say that they may have missed this connection because they have never had to make it.  To bring this revelation full circle I’ll say that the more vulnerable I become with my father the more he meets me and the more I discover that I can trust him. Not only did he answer that particularly small petty infraction prayer that was on my heart. I was blown away because I believe he did it to show me that he is my father, and he cares about the small things. He cares about when I’m broken, and he moves on the heart of others for me … just for me! Even if they never understand why they had a notion to make it right. The thing I love about God is that when he is in the midst he always includes personal accountability in the lesson as well and that is a growth you absolutely cannot pay for! 

The truth is...God has always shown up for me like this, I just never made the connection to him being my father but only to him being just. Truth is both can exist! … Another time I was upset about a bracelet I felt like someone kept out of pettiness and I told God “I don’t even want the bracelet to keep, It was just the point that they used it to try to hurt me with it!” The bracelet shows up in the mail three days later… no note, no letter, just the bracelet.  (blew my mind) 

Just like my natural daddy he doesn’t play about me or my feelings and while he isn’t moved over my feelings to change his plan or will for my life , he does care! He goes out of his way to make things right for me!

As I thought about the way both my daughter & myself confessed that we absolutely trusted our fathers but said it while sadly hanging our heads down.  The revelation for me was Trusting God should & is a given in my life, but it doesn’t mean that I like the process of it! It doesn't mean because I'm upset or emotional my Father is going to say yes or make it easier! God isn’t moved off emotion and neither is my natural daddy!

God is moved off my ability to believe his plan for my life and his plan is bigger than mine and designed to set me up for the next season of my life. Satan will always & Cherie’s flesh will always run the same plays and thought patterns but my ability to trust “Abba Father” is what takes me to the life, the people, and the places that God has for me.  God knows me! & He loves me & I can trust him.  And just maybe I’m not quite ready for the game yet, maybe I’m still perfecting things at practice.

So, my daughter is learning to trust her natural father because he has a plan of how and what the result is for this particular thing in her life & so am I! I still don't like the process but I'm absolutely committed to posturing my heart EVERY time not just some of the time to cry out "ABBA FATHER" in every situation. 

May you learn to trust GOD as your father because he is! He is a Good One at that! & he doesn’t play about you in fact he spins the block betta than a toxic baby daddy at tax time ok! LOL

Remember we are on this journey together!



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Powerful!!!! have learned to wholeheartedly trust God.Come on